7 Best Housewarming and Wedding Gift Ideas in Budget

Home is where the Heart is.

This line is part of a famous song by the iconic Elvis Presley. It also is the ultimate truth for many of us as our heart lies in our happy homes. And in this pandemic, this belief has become more true and important than ever before as we are practically working, eating, chilling, and living in the comfort of our home only.

In this pandemic, property rates took a hit, and hence people have begun looking for spacious homes. They are moving into new, bigger and better homes even if it’s far away from the city. Apart from this, even weddings that were delayed are now taking place with safety rules and regulations.

If you are invited to a housewarming party or a wedding, you might want to look for a gift for these events. I know it can get confusing as you would not want to gift them something that everyone will bring. Everyone wants to be hatke and get a special gift that not only is good but falls into your budget too.

Keeping this in mind, I have thoughtfully curated a list of gifts that you can buy without burning a hole in your pocket. This might come as a surprise to you; while browsing through some products to gift to my mom, I stumbled upon ExclusiveLane and found some of the best gift choices ever. Since I found these options to be amazing, I thought why not share it with you.

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So here I am listing the 7 Best Housewarming and Wedding Gift Ideas in Budget.

Housewarming gift ideas

1.Hand Glazed Studio Pottery Ceramic Soup Bowls With Spoons (Set Of 4)

Useful, elegant and shows your thoughtful side. As people are more health-conscious than ever in India, soups have become a meal in itself. So this multi-purpose bowl is an amazing choice for having dinner or snacks.

Currently priced at Rs 1475

Best house warming gift
Best house warming gift

2. Beautiful Hand-Painted Key Holder in Teak Wood (5 Hooks):

Finding keys in the house is a total nightmare. So, whether it’s a wedding gift or a housewarming gift to a friend or colleague you must choose this beautiful Warli wood Key Holder. It’s quite Useful, resourceful, and highly required in today’s date.

Currently priced at Rs. 1,875

Housewarming gift for young couple
Housewarming gift for young couple

3. Customizable Dhokra Name Plate With Handwritten Fonts:

This one is the best housewarming gift according to me. Nameplates are a must and are quite a special feeling. Thus, this Dhokra Nameplate with handwritten fonts makes a good first housewarming gift as well as a wedding gift too.

Currently priced at Rs. 1,799 Sale

Hanging Planter Pot
Hanging Planter Pot

4. ‘Swinging Panda’ Handmade & Hand-painted Hanging Planter Pot In Terracotta:

Growing a little garden at home has truly become a new passion and hobby. Thus, giving a wedding gift or a useful housewarming gift as such will make your gift special. And what better when it resembles the swinging Panda, right?

Currently priced at Rs. 649 Sale

Table Tea-Light Holders
Table Tea-Light Holders

5. Handwired Table Tea-Light Holders In Iron (Set of 2)

Housewarming gift ideas for a couple must be special. This glowing Mesh Duo is a perfect gift choice. This is because it goes well in any part of the house and is well suited to be classified as a wedding gift and Diwali gift too. What do you think about it?

Currently priced at Rs. 699 Sale

floor Planter Pot
floor Planter Pot

6. Copper gloss floor Planter Pot With Cuboidal Stand In Iron:

Next on my list is a gorgeous Planter pot, the best housewarming gift for young couples or newlyweds. Since gardening has become a new passion, gifting planter pots is in and trending. This Copper themed gloss planter pot is beautiful as décor and gives the house a stylish look.

Currently priced at 1,979 Sale

Housewarming gift for friend
Housewarming gift for friend

7. Hand-Painted Wooden Table Organiser With Brass Figurines:

This is a very thoughtful gift. An organizer for all those friends and family members who prefer to maintain their house and life in an organized manner. This gift can also be given to that one friend who is always looking for the lost remote and other things. 😉

Currently priced at Rs. 1,799 Sale

These are my list of 7 Best Housewarming and Wedding Gift Ideas in Budget.

Housewarming and wedding gifts leave a lasting impression and have to be useful and reflective. So I hope this list helps you find amazing gift options for the upcoming wedding season and house-warming parties. Whether you’re looking for housewarming gifts under 5000 or wedding gifts, they have everything!

My experience shopping at ExclusiveLane:

The “ExclusiveLane” website is easy to navigate and has proper categorization of products. For categories like décor, when you’re not sure of what you want to buy, their “view all products” feature within a category comes in quite handy. The checkout process is seamless and doesn’t eat up more time (Especially mentioned, because some sites have such an elaborate list of compulsory fields to fill). I received my product safely packed and in one piece in 4 days.

Do let me know what you think of my list or your experience shopping at this site in the comment below:

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