Best Places to Eat in Shimla

When you plan a trip to Shimla, the first thing you will start searching for is “Where to stay in Shimla?”. But if you’re a true foodie like me, the question changes to either “What to eat in Shimla” or “Where to eat in Shimla?” as I have my priorities set.

To all the foodies, I have something special mentioned below. Keep reading.

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The famous hill station Shimla is incomplete without its list of places to eat and much on. After all, what’s travel without some sweet, hot, and spicy food indulgence, right? Now there’s so much one would want to eat but don’t know where to find them. Hence through my post, I will try my best to cover these topics:

Best places to eat in Shimla
Best places to eat in Shimla

1) Best places to eat in Shimla mall road
2) Famous places to eat in Shimla
3) Shimla best Restaurants, and
4) Shimla famous food

I am listing below some iconic eateries that you can explore to satiate your hunger pangs in and around mall road.

1. Himachali Rasoi:

Himachali Rasoi in Shimla
Places to eat – Himachali Rasoi in Shimla

Himachali Rasoi is one of the Best places to eat on Shimla mall road. If you intend to indulge in the local flavors of Shimla, try their every day special thaali. It’s quite a known spot and mostly has a waiting line during lunchtime. It’s a bit difficult to find the place through maps, but with a bit of effort and voila, you will be aptly rewarded. The restaurant is considered to create the best food of Shimla. It’s a tiny place and has wooden furnishing.

Pro tip: If you order one thaali for one person, it comes with unlimited filling. If you share one thaali between 2 people then you get only one limited serving. So, choose your option wisely and also as per your appetite.

2. Hide Out Café:

Hide Out Café
Hide Out Café

This café is in the center of Mall road and they also have two outlets in case one is full. The café also comes with a view. So dine here with the view of the mall road and see tourists passing by. It’s one of my personal favorite Restaurants in Shimla, and so much so that I had two proper meals here and wanted even more. You can choose from their extensive options of Italian, Continental, and Chinese. We tried their Soups, Pasta, and loved them all. They also have a bakery counter with amazing dessert options to choose from.

The customer service is great, fast and too good. They just charge a 5% GST with no service tax too.

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3. Wake and Bake:

Wake and Banke is yet another café option with middle eastern and continental options on the mall road with a view. Though their service and staff are extremely slow and confused. So much so that we had to leave the place in 30 mins because no one was available to take the order and were busy gossiping around. Maybe an off day for them but overall, it’s well known for its hummus and other Lebanese options.

4. Street Momos:

Street Momos in Shimla
Street Momos in Shimla

How can one not experience hot momos in Shimla? You get many options on mall road as well as In Raam Bazaar. All the street momo options in Shimla are limited to the veg variety, which is usually having the stuffing of cabbage and you can get 6 pieces of momos for a mere 20 INR. Honestly, it wasn’t that great, quite so-so but considering the cold, it was still a good option to opt for.

These were the eatery options that I had explored and experienced. You also have Domino’s on the mall road in case you want to opt for something known and safe (Mentioned because the place was always full to my surprise).

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Shimla food is not just momos and maggi. It’s a lot more from Parathas to Lebanese cuisine, etc. It’s a wide range of food that can make any foodie happy.

Hence if you too know of any Best places to eat in Shimla or have any personal favourites, please do feel free to add your option in the comment section below. Happy Eating in Shimla!

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  1. Sundeep says:

    Thanks for sharing guide on best places to eat in Shimla. I guess I missed Hide out cafe next time will going to visit this cafe for sure.

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      That’s great to know 🙂

  2. I haven’t been to Shimla in years. But I remember the bakeries and the small cafes. If I go again, I will try Himachali Rasoi.

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      That’s great to know

  3. Wow I love all these options. They’re too good ya. Thanks for listing them down.

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      Always a pleasure to help fellow travellers

  4. This post is absolutely informative for foodie like me. Really loved the pictures . Hopefully will visit all these soon

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      Insha Allah you will 🙂

  5. We were in Shimla on our way to Manali a few years back. We did not get time to explore the local food though. We would love to experience the food of Himachal Rasoi, for its local cuisine.

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      That’s a great choice

  6. Raksha says:

    I have made a note of these cafes and book marked this post. I have never been to Shimla but it has been on my list to visit, which hopefully I will visit soon.

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      Insha Allah you would soon 🙂

  7. Having local food is a blessing in Shimla, even we tried the Momos, they were best.

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      That’s nice to know

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