8 Types of Skirts that are a must in your wardrobe

Women love skirts!
Do you want to know why?
It’s simple.
Skirts are,

  • Comfortable,
  • Airy, and
  • Quickly creates an impact and style statement for sure.

Every girl has at least one type of skirt in her wardrobe. It’s always important to know the styles and types of skirts available. This will help you create your unique style statement. There are numerous types of skirts, patterns, and the kind that you can find in today’s time.

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To make it easy for you, I have listed my Top 8 Types of skirts that are a must for your wardrobe.

One more peculiar thing is that skirts never really go out of fashion and time again it comes back in different formats like:

  • Skirt with top
  • A skirt with crop top
  • Skirt with Kurti
  • Skirt with long top
  • Lehenga skirt
  • Shirt with a Skirt
  • Skirt Dress

The pairing and style changes but Skirt remains constant. So here are my top 8 picks. Let me know how many of these do you own 😉 .

1.Pencil Skirt:  

Because of its long and fitted shape, it’s called Pencil Skirt. Goes perfectly well for formal as well as casual attires. The fitting and shape make it perfect for curvy body types. Just throw in a loose shirt, crop top, or a blazer depending on what you like more, and voila the fashionista is ready to slay.

2. Box Plate Skirt:

This type of skirt can be short as well as long. The box plate gives it a nice texture of running across or boxes look depending on the plate style used for switching. A short box plate shirt goes well for casual attires. Whereas the long box plate skirt can be paired to give a nice Indo-Western look that one can carry even at weddings or family gatherings.

3. Mini Skirt:

Whenever someone says Mini Skirt the first thing that comes to my mind is Miss Braganza from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. These hot, trendy skirt type has always been in fashion. What you pair with it might change. But miniskirts remain the same. It’s always safe to have one solid colour mini skirt in your wardrobe.

4. Draped Skirt:

This is the must for people whose size keeps changing. Few of us are losing and gaining weight so frequently that our waist size keeps changing. In such a case or otherwise having a drape around the skirt is a blessing. You can also share it with your girlfriends of different sizes. This skirt can be described as “One skirt, many uses”.

5. Palazzo Skirts:

There is a hemstitched in the middle making it resemble like a pant kind stitching. The Palazzo skirts go well for traditional as well as western wear. The difference lies in whether you wear it with a short kurta or long kurta or a crop top. This skirt is very much in fashion today and can be worn in multiple ways.

Palazzo and layered skirt
Palazzo and layered skirt

6. Layered Skirt:

There are usually different types of skirts for different age groups. But this one is worn by everyone. A layered skirt gives a nice airy, flowy look and goes well with a plain top. It can make you stand out at any event or occasion and looks stunning. Generally, there are at least 3 layers in the skirt but the layers increase depending on the size and flare one wants.

7. Asymmetric Skirt:

The skirt whose length is not defined and is not similar across all the edges is known as “Asymmetric skirts”. Its trendy, chic, and casual. You can have a long skirt from the back, and a short skirt looks from the front. In 2 words, I can describe this as “Versatile and casual”. This skirt is perfect for evening events and brunches and can be worn in different textures and patterns.

8. Long Flared Skirt:

My all-time favorite. Whether it’s Shraddha Kapoor in Aashiqui 2, Kajol in My Name is Khan, or Kareena Kapoor in Golmaal 3, long flared skirts have always been in fashion and the trendiest of the lot. You can wear it with a skirt, Top, Kurta, etc and it gives you an entirely different look. Perfect for a fashionista to mix and match and always create new looks with the same skirt.

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So, here are my top 8 Types of skirts that are a must in your wardrobe. Which one is your favourite? Also, if you have any other skirt type that you adore. Feel free to share it in the comment below.

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  1. Your posts help me keep up with the latest in fashion and beauty, Afreen!:) I love Palazzo Skirts as they are so comfortable and look very elegant too. Looking forward to trying out a long flared skirt soon.

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      That’s so good to know and I am so happy you’re liking them.

  2. Aditi Kapur says:

    Got to know about various kinds of skirts one can flaunt keeping fashion in mind. I would like to try Asymmetric and draped ones.

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      Now those are a lovely choice for sure

  3. Priyanka says:

    I don’t know why, but I never like skirts.

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      That’s sad to know. You should definitely give it a try

  4. These are so beautiful. I love the ones to drape. They are easy and quick and hassle free.. I have two in traditional prints, it comes handy I must say..

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      That’s a great choice and collection

  5. Nitisha says:

    I love skirts for the simple yet elegant statement they make. Thank you for helping me distinguish among various types of skirts, Afreen!

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      Anytime. Glad you liked them

  6. Vashi says:

    You have pretty much covered the most used & versatile of the lots ! Interesting read & great wardrobe suggestions.

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      Thanks, glad you liked

  7. Nupur says:

    Hey Afreen, thanks fo increasing my fashion quotient 😉
    Are there any specific types of skirts that suit a particular body type? Would love to hear your thoughts on this! Cheers

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      Would try to incorporate this in my next blog ☺️

  8. Cindy Dsilva says:

    Wow these are very pretty. I only have the short tight skirts in different designs and colours.

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      That’s great to know

  9. Kinshoo says:

    Cool skirt stylings. I like long skirts more. Will try asymmetric skirt

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      That’s great

  10. What a tempted collection of skirts. I am too much into skirt and always end up buying one. I am surely heading away to get that long flarred skirt

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      That’s great

  11. Neha Sharma says:

    Wow, all these skirts look quite trendy. There was a time when I had all these types in my wardrobe but now I am only left with a long skirt, palazzo skirt & a draped skirt, which go well with my body type. I am sure people will find this post helpful while updating their wardrobe.

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      Hope too. And that’s a nice collection 🙂

  12. Love, love, loved it! My favourite ones are box plated and long skirts.

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      That’s a nice choice

  13. Loved the post. yes skirts are comfortable and always look stylish. personally, I like to wear layered skirts but after reading your post, feeling inspired to try more options too. thanks for sharing these wonderful options.

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      Glad you liked them 😊

  14. Nice post.The draped variety is my favourite.

    1. Afreen Ansari says:


  15. Arulmozhi N says:

    This article was super useful for a fashion challenged person like me who doesn’t experiment much

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      You should definitely try

  16. I was mentally ticking off how many do I have:) the layered skirt have my heart.

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      I know that feeling

  17. High five from a fellow skirt lover! I think I own seven of the eight types mentioned, the only one I don’t own is the mini-skirt but that’s more a personal preference!

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      Woww that’s awesome

  18. I am a male, yet found this article quite interesting. I showed this article to my teenage daughter and she was immediately in love with it and pored over it. I and my wife also read it. A very interesting set of selections you have made.

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      I am so happy to hear this. Really happy you’ll liked reading it

  19. Such beautiful skirts and so stylish and elegant too. A must have list during the upcoming festive season

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      That’s awesome

  20. Love these amazing compilation. I love love skirts!

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      Thanks 😊

  21. Akanksha Singh says:

    What a lovely collection.. although I believe all of them go individually well with certain body types… Pencil skirts are my favorite

  22. Akanksha Singh says:

    What a lovely collection. Although I believe a certain skirt goes well with individual body types. Pencil skirt is my all time favourite

  23. You have shared some great options here. Palazzos are my most favourite as they are extremely comfortable.

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      Great choice

  24. Priya Iyer says:

    Great post. My fav is long flared skirt.

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      That’s nice

  25. Hansa Kajaria says:

    Every skirt suits a specific body type and as of now I am happy with my plazzos 😉

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      That’s great

  26. Judy Morris says:

    I love wearing pencil skirts and box pleated skirts.. Mini skirts are not my cup of tea.. 🙂

  27. I am crazy for skirts. My current favourite are pleated one and crop top with skirt

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      That’s a nice option

  28. Sushita says:

    I love mini skirts! I think they look good in any age! Also, I have presently replaced sarees and suits with kurta with skirt during functions and traditional gatherings! They are comfortable and trendy!

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      That’s great to know

    2. Afreen Ansari says:

      Indeed they are

  29. I love skirts, and this blog was a joy to read. #MyFriendAlexa #TinaReads

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      That’s great

  30. Parul Malhotra says:

    It might sound weird but I do not even have a single skirt in my closet and your post has made me understood how important it is to have one. You’ve given me a reason to shop again. Hahaha.. Thanks.!

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      hahha.. We all just need a reason to shop 😉

  31. PraGun says:

    Great post and lovely collection you have assembled and listed here. A must-read for a skirt lover. Long flared and draped are my favorites. #PraGunReads #MyFriendAlexa #blogchatter

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