9 Best Gift Ideas for various occasions on a Budget

Imagine that you go to a party.
You meet a lot of known faces.
But they have something that you don’t.
A Gift!
You realize that you’re the only one who’s at the party without a gift.
You couldn’t decide what to gift and hence didn’t take anything on the party day.
Now, what will you do?

At some point in life, such a situation will present itself to you.

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Gifts can be given for any event and special day.

But how can you find the best gift ideas for each occasion?

best gift ideas
best gift ideas

That’s one question that always lingered on my mind. That’s where I found “Oye Happy”, a website that specializes in unique gifting ideas for any person, event, and special day. 

On their website, you can find gifting ideas for various types of gifts, relationships, and occasions. These gifts can suit any budget.

Here are some of the top gift ideas one can find on their website.

Top 3 Customized Gifts for a special one on a Budget:

1. A 24 Hour surprise hamper  (INR 4950) – Surprise your loved one with this hamper that has 8 packages (10 gifts). Each package has instructions like “when to open the box”.

Gift Ideas for a Special One
Gift Ideas for a Special One

2. Name A Star Online (INR 1490) – You can now show your love by naming a star after your loved one.

Gift Ideas for a Special One
Gift Ideas for a Special One

3. Teeny Tiny Hamper ( INR 590) – If you’re on a budget, this hamper is the best way to bring a smile on their face.

With 4 mini gifts, get the best budget gift.

Gift Ideas for a Special One
Gift Ideas for a Special One

Top 3 Birthday Gifts on a Budget:

1.Happy Birthday Combo (INR 1890) – Not easy choosing one gift? How about a hamper with 3 unique combo gifts!

 Birthday Gift Ideas on a Budget
Birthday Gift Ideas on a Budget

2. PUBG Lover (INR 3490) – If you know someone who loves PUBG, you can get them this unique gift.

 Birthday Gift Ideas on a Budget
Birthday Gift Ideas on a Budget

3. Never Have I Ever  (INR 490) – Playing this unique game on birthday night will get interesting when you discover what the others have been up to!. Above all, you get such a unique gift within a budget, don’t you agree? I have personally ordered and loved this one for all night outs.

 Birthday Gift Ideas on a Budget
Birthday Gift Ideas on a Budget

Top 3 Secret Santa best gift ideas on a Budget: 

Similarly, why look for a simple ” Amazon gift card” or “gift shops near me” when you can get amazing secret Santa gifts here? Avoid going to the gift shop with these amazing secret Santa gifts.

1. Hangover Kit (INR 1190) – As the Secret Santa arrives at the end of the year, here’s one gift for the party lover! In other words, no more hangover problems.

Secret Santa gifts
Secret Santa gifts

2. Glitter Bomb (INR 390) – What better way to prank and make them shine with the help of glitter.

Secret Santa Gifts
Secret Santa Gift Ideas

3. Travel Addict Mug  (INR 299) – Surprise your travel-loving colleagues/buddies with this mug that shows their love for travel.

Meanwhile, I have gifted this to a friend and he absolutely loves this one, perfect and in budget

Secret Santa Gifts
Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Above all, I recently ordered the Teeny Tiny Hamper (INR 590), Travel Addict Mug (INR 299), and the card game “Never Have I Ever” (INR 490). However, It roughly took 4-5 working days (Even in this COVID lockdown situation) for it to reach me.

In addition, right from customizing the message on the gift to providing quality picture magnets, they have got it right.

And, all of this within a budget of 1500 INR. Isn’t that cool? I had a good experience shopping from here and so will you! 

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Therefore, to simplify the importance of Gifts, Oye Happy created a list of gifts that can be given to every person. Further, do you know that there are tons of people and events that include a gift?

Yes, gifts are important and are given to multiple people, events and special days like,

For instance for people:

  • Perfect gift for mom
  • A unique gift for dad
  • Cute gift for sister
  • Smart gift for brother
  • Best gift ideas for best friend
  • Romantic gift for girlfriend
  • The best gift for boyfriend
  • Best gift for wife
  • A lovely gift for husband
  • Also gifts for girls
  • And gifts for men 

For Events:

  • Best gift for parents anniversary
  • Budget gift as secret Santa
  • valentine’s day gift for him
  • Pretty gift for a wedding couple
  • And gift idea for an anniversary

In conclusion, I hope this list will help you in deciding the best for the special occasion that you need.

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  1. Farhat says:

    So many amazing gift ideas… And they all look fabulous.

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      Thanks a lot

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  2. Nidhi Gupta says:

    Thanks for the gift ideas and I want them all for myself… Now i will have to find people who would be gifting me these

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      haha.. now that’s going to be a task

  3. Loved all the options mentioned in the list. Naming a star after a loved one is so unique! Goes above any material gift, yet brings joy. And ‘Never Have I ever’ seems like a really fun activity. Going to order it soon.

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      I know.. after all what better then gifts that can create long lasting impression

  4. Sundeep says:

    These are some amazing gifting ideas. And few of them I really want for my self 😉 Thanks for sharing these ideas with us

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      We all feel the same 😉

  5. Vidur says:

    Innovative stuf…i know I am getting the glitter bomb for an event next month!!

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  6. I went through OyeHappy website and have placed an order too. Loved the collection – its really innovative and makes for fun gifting.

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  7. So many gift ideas for everyone. I’m the person who loves to gift surprises. I will surely check these sites for gift ideas

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      That’s great to know

  8. Raksha says:

    These are such awesome gift ideas for sure, I love each one of them. I always struggle with ideas a bit these days and I am sure these will come handy the next time I need to plan to gift someone.

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      I can understand, customize gifts are best

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