Rocky Star in Kamala Mills

Special days need special celebration, and what better than a more exclusive, romantic, and soothing place. That’s what Rocky Star in Kamala Mills was for me.

Some places make you feel nothing less than a Star, that’s exactly what Rocky Star in Kamala Mills made me feel.

It’s right next to the Lord of the drinks, owned by the Fashion designer Rocky S. This place is nothing less than the glamourous fashion Ramp.  It’s grandeur, exclusive, romantic, and soothing at the same time.

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Rocky Star in Kamala Mills

The place has huge comfortable and elegant couches. Magnificent lamps and décor, opening right straight to a huge open bar. Which is further stack with almost everything under the sun?

Cocktails in Kamala Mills
Cocktail-The No 12

We started with their version of Wine Sangria – The No 12: Red Wine mixed with European herbs, garnished with dried orange, and served with dry ice infused with Basil and herbs. A great drink to start for sure.

Mocktails in Kamala Mills
Lemongrass infusion (mocktail)

Lemongrass infusion (mocktail) at Rocky Star in Kamala Mills:

It’s a concoction of lemongrass, ginger, apple and cranberry juice. Refreshing and tasty for sure.

Rocky Star in Kamala Mills
Mast Guava

Mast Guava: 

A blend of Guava, green chili-pineapple juice,  and Indian spices served on a chili-salt rimmed glass. The drink gives you a blast of chili and spices in the mouth, awakens you for sure. Try if you love a spicy drink, else avoid.

The Istanbul Kebab
The Istanbul Kebab

The Istanbul Kebab:

Perfectly done smoked minced Lamb kebabs is served with thyme pita, wild rocket leaves, and Harissa Cacik dip. Which is yogurt, salt, olive oil, and garlic? The softness of the kebab and the flavors are to die for, must try for sure.

Rocky Star in Kamala Mills
The Amalfi

The Amalfi:

The seafood platter has deep-fried battered Prawns, Squids and flat head fingers served with Saffron Aioli. A great dish to go with your drinks.

The Argas
The Argas

In mains, I had The Argas.

Serve with grill Fish fillet on a bed of béarnaise sauce. It’s cook with butter, egg, and white wine vinegar served with Asparagus and prawns. It’s quite filling and delicious for sure; perfect for fish lovers.

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Overall, Rocky Star in Kamala Mills is a place to spend a relaxing evening with a perfect company, the place has soft music, slow service, and an amazing crowd. Try for its lavishness for sure.

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