Beaches to Visit in Dapoli

Maharashtra and its coastal belt are indeed beautiful and quite attractive. My blog for Dapoli is incomplete without the mention of beaches. The listing below are the beaches to visit in Dapoli. The more secluded it is the better, I feel. With the same intention, we stayed in Harnai, a typical village, with one market having few eateries and stalls. The joy of staying with limited options is altogether different.

Staying in front of the beach has its own benefit, as the atmosphere is quiet, filled with positive vibes. And also makes roaming around the beach or chilling here at midnight. While you hear the waves and feel relax.

Here are the best Beaches to Visit in Dapoli

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Beaches to Visit in Dapoli

The beach is decently clean. With the obvious sight of plastic leftovers being clutter during the low tide zone. In other words, makes it not so good sight to walk around.

Beaches to Visit in Dapoli

The Harnai Beach

Beach port which is usually filled with fish sellers had only a few as it was Holi time. The fish is fresh, but a change was costly. The king Fish I am holding, after bargaining by a local friend was purchased for 1,600 bucks. Here you can get your food made by paying for kg cost ranging from 200-300, which lets you enjoy some local Ghar ka Khaana.

Murud Beach

For the last day, we selected Murud Beach.

The commercial beach has hotels and resorts covering the shore. We stayed in a row house kind of guest house, about 3 mins away from the beach.

Harnai Beach

This beach has water sports which makes it quite the visited Beach in Dapoli. Because of which in one trip I get the best of both, virgin beach as well as the commercial beach. Although, honestly I like Harnai more, being a person who likes less crowded places.

Beaches to Visit in Dapoli

For me, the Harnai – Anjarla bypass road was definitely one of the loved spots for sure. The place is so windy and makes it apt to spend hours together. Moreover, the view of the city from the top is just beautiful. Here sitting ideal, alone, and giving some time to yourself is a must.

Beaches to Visit in Dapoli

Overall, these Beaches to Visit in Dapoli makes you want to pack your bags. A place close to my heart, where the locals are very friendly, warm, and helpful. Experiences like this make you want to go back again and again.

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If you have already been to Dapoli, do let us know your favorite and will definitely explore that next time. Until next time, keep traveling and keep eating!

Picture Courtesy: SDC Photography

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