Best Cafe in Pune, Viman Nagar

I can travel to the world just for food, and this passion dragged me to Pune, when I came to know that KM Saif, Chef and consultant has added another gem in Pune, Viman Nagar. The man behind this Best Cafe in Pune. And various top and happening restaurants, leaves no stone unturned and has truly done a magical spell here too. KM Saif Known for his outstanding work done for restaurants like The Little Door, Flip Bar, Oozo Bar & Kitchen, Hungry J.D, The Fusion Kitchen and many more.

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Best Cafe in Pune
Best Cafe in Pune

About Best Cafe in Pune

Geo means Global, there is a reflection of the same throughout the place. The atmosphere is very European, more of a nice, small, coy café. Where you would like to spend hours. They had widely spread Edison bulbs in a very modern yet trendy fashion. The place has teak wood used the most giving it a wooden furnishing.

Best Cafe in Pune
Best Cafe in Pune

They have an indoor as well as outdoor seating and straight ahead is the non alcoholic bar. Which is loaded with almost everything under the sun.

Mojito drinks in Pune
Halloween Blue Pineapple  Mojito

We started with Halloween Blue Pineapple Mojito:

Serve in a skull jar, with dry ice spreading across. The mocktail has muddled pineapple and pineapple juice, mint leaves, lime, topped with blue Curacao. Nice and refreshing to start your meal.

Mocktails and Cocktails in Pune
Virgin Michelada

Virgin Michelada:

From Mexico, this beer based cocktail is serve as mocktail. Having tomato juice, Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, top with ginger ale in a Tajin rimmed glass. Take a sip and there is a burst of flavors. Popping left, right and centre.

Cucumber, Jalapeno, Green Chili Martini
Cucumber, Jalapeno, Green Chili Martini

Cucumber, Jalapeno, Green Chili Martini:

My personal favorite from the brunch, it has fresh cucumber, jalapeno, green chili, lemon juice, served with dry ice. Picture perfect and taste equally amazing.

Ying Yang Martini at Best Cafe in Pune
Ying Yang Martini

Ying Yang Martini:

The perfect display of life. The Ying here is all about chocolate and yang is combine with whip cream,  coconut milk, vanilla ice cream. The mocktail is top with 2 MnM’s.

Chicken Starter
Frigarui De Pui

Frigarui De Pui:

Romanian chicken kebabs are marinate with fresh parsley, rosemary, thyme, garlic, yogurt, ginger and olive oil. The dish is serve with Garlic Yogurt Mayo and freshly slice and chop veggies on the sides. Try for the taste and uniqueness.

Fatayer at Best Cafe in Pune
Fatayer (Veg)

Fatayer (Veg):

From the Middle East; Fatayer is stuff with spinach, parsley and feta cheese serve with Tahina mayo. It’s truly a heaven for veggies and non veggies. Highly recommend.

Chicken Roulade
Chicken Roulade

Chicken Roulade:

Visually a treat for sure, Roulade is a French dish which means, dish cooked or served in the form of a roll. Chicken breast is stuff with cheesy spinach bake to perfection, slice and serve with spicy chipotle pesto dip.

Chicken Nachos at Best Cafe in Pune
Latino Beer Chilotle Chicken Nachos

Latino Beer Chilotle Chicken Nachos

Noachos like never before. Here beetroot flavour nachos are top with chicken, beer chipotle cheese sauce, bell peppers, olives, jalapeno, cheese. Serve with chipotle jalapeno salsa.

Chicken Sekela
Chicken Sekela

Chicken Sekela: 

The Tanzanian kebab has chicken chunks marinate with Indian spices. Soy sauce and tamarind and serve with Tamarind dip and Kachumbari. Which is an Salad made up of Onion and Tomato. Its tangy, spicy and flavorful, try for its unique taste.

Casado at Best Cafe in Pune
Casado (Veg)

In main course, we had Casado (Veg):

Casado In Spanish connotes to a married man, because the dishes are together in a balanced way. It consists of beans; There is a portion of sautée veggies. Fried plantains and crispy tortillas for the crispness of the meal. For wholesomeness we have parsley rice, salad. And for protein you have grill cottage cheese steak in tomato basil sauce. Try for its balance of flavor and taste.

Dawood Basha
Ďawood Basha

Ďawood Basha:

This is a famous Syrian dish, having meatballs cook in tomato sauce. Flavor with baharat and serve with parsley rice; delicious and wholesome.

Milk shakes at Pune
Lose Those Luv Handles

We called off the brunch with Lose Those Luv Handles ( Diet Shake): 

The shake is top with fresh kiwi.  Almonds and low fat Vanilla ice cream. Diet friendly having low fat milk, highly recommend. As I was in love with this.

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Travel around the world, sitting in one corner of this Best Cafe in Pune. Geo Bistro, as it has best of the best international cuisine to give you something of everywhere.

For more details or reservations:
 Geo Bistro, Viman Nagar, Pune
Call: +91 9823893553
+91 9892087434
Cost for two:  INR 900-1000

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