Vegetarian Cafe with LIVE Music and Sheesha in Mumbai

This Tuesday, again, there were unpredictable heavy showers, spoiling my entire Birthday plan, after so much struggle. We reach Juhu to be at the restaurant we plan. But only to realize that due to no electricity all restaurants there were non-operational. After calling up restaurants and inquiring whether they are open and functioning we ended up at Sirocco known for their Sheesha. This Cafe in Mumbai called Sirocco is just about 1.7 km away from the Versova metro station.

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cafe in mumbai

The vegetarian place is on the ground floor, having a live TV projection, comfortable wooden seating’s, and also has live music on some days. The place even this day had customers coming in and out, in spite of heavy showers.

Sheesha lounge in Mumbai

Sheesha in Mumbai

After settling in, we called for a cherry Strawberry Sheesha, the one recommended by the staff. The hukkah is smooth, finely done, with filters and regular coal change. Further making it a seamless experience.

cafe in mumbai
Passion Fruit Punch

Complementing to hukkah we called for Passion Fruit Punch:

Cranberry Juice, syrup and lemon juice quite refreshing and tasty to start your meal.

Manchow Soup
Asian Manchow Soup

In appetizers, we called for Asian Manchow Soup:

It was condense, hot, balance spices and taste. Serve with crunchy fry noodles. Exactly the way we like.

cafe in mumbai
Nachos Grande

Nachos Grande:

Crispy Tortilla chips were top with a layer of cheddar cheese, tomato sauce, olives and scallions. Definitely a must to order.

Pav Bhaji
Cheese Burst Pav Bhaji

Cheese Burst Pav Bhaji:

The freshly done pav’s are stuff with the traditional Pav bhaji masala. Top with a generous amount of cheese, with each bite you get the amazing delicious taste. Highly recommend.

cafe in mumbai


The crunchy base had cheesy base topped with olives and coriander leaves and served with tomato sauce.

Paneer Starter
Oven Roasted Paneer

Oven Roasted Paneer:  

Fresh Cottage cheese chunks were charcoal cook with Indian spices. Further serve with green chutney.

cafe in mumbai
Barbeque Sauce Pizza

Barbeque Sauce Pizza:

Thin crust pizza top with cheese, capsicum, and cottage cheese done with barbeque sauce, crunchy and tasty.


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Coming for dessert we had cake, whose base had crunchy cinnamon cake, topped with vanilla scoop further topped with chocolate sauce.

Overall, a great place to cafe in Mumbai with friends, have Sheesha and munch on. The service and staff are great and the time just flies when here, head to Sirocco when bored.

For more details or reservations:
Sirocco, Inch By Inch Body Temple, JP Road,
Off Yari Road, Panch Nagar, Near D Mart,
Versova, Andheri West Mumbai 400061
Call: 022 65720777
+91 9820444345
Cost for two: 1100-1200

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