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When you crave for Sushi there are only a handful of places one can visit. After contemplating on where to head, we thought of trying something new and ended up zeroing on Kuai Kitchen located on the busiest street of Colaba Causeway about 3.3 km from the Churchgate station.

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Sushi near me

Kuai has a lot of connotations, but here they mean fast food in Chinese, the place more known for deliveries, has a decent seating of around 16-20. They have a handful of tables at the outdoors as well as indoors.

Sushi near me
Lychee Margarita

After settling down, we call for some mocktails: Lychee Margarita. The lychee base margarita is refreshing and gives a great taste of lychee till the end.

Watermelon Juice
Watermelon Waterfall

Watermelon Waterfall:

Perfect for watermelon lovers, their mocktails gives out fresh fruit flavours and goes well with the dishes.

Volcano Prawn Tempura Roll
Volcano Prawn Tempura Roll

Then we moved to Sushi as we had heard a lot about them. Volcano Prawn Tempura Roll:

My personal favourite from the evening, the prawn base Sushi was top with two different kinds of Mayo. Serve with ginger garlic and Wasabi. Highly recommend.

California roll Sushi near me
Crunchy California roll

Crunchy California roll:

The Crab stick base Sushi had a crunchy layer on the outside. Which is their special way of making Sushi, top with spicy mayonnaise and on the side it has ginger garlic? (Normal portion size is about 8 pieces for both the sushi)

Sui Mai
Chicken and Prawn  ‘Sui Mai’

Next we called for the Dimsum – Chicken and Prawn  ‘Sui Mai’:

Perfectly done dimsum, that tastes equally good, better to eat when hot.

Sushi near me
Dynamite Prawns

Dynamite Prawns:

Serve in a cocktail glass, perfectly cook prawns are topped with spicy mayonnaise and shred cabbage. It’s not very hot, but great to have.

Thai Pandan Wrapped Chicken
Thai Pandan Wrapped Chicken

Thai Pandan Wrapped Chicken:

We really like this one too, serve in their traditional way. Wrap around the Pandan leaves, the chicken inside is tender, filled with flavours and is delicious. Try this for sure, it’s served with sweet sesame dip.

Sushi near me
Kuai Special Fish

For the mains, we called for Kuai Special Fish:

This was a cook with Soya Chilli Garlic sauce we pair it with Chicken Hakka noodles. Noodles have really less amount of veggies the kind I like, the fish was ok, you can give it a miss.

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Mudcake in dessert

Coming to the end, we had Mudcake:

The dark chocolate cake was dense top with chocolate slipping out. Serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Totally a great way to end your meal.

Kuai Kitchen is a quick service restaurant and delivery outlet in Colaba, and your go to place for delicious and affordable Oriental cuisine.

 For more information or reservations:

Kuai Kitchen, 16/A, Cusrow Baug,
Shahid Bhagat Singh Road, Colaba, Mumbai
Call: 022 33126018
Cost for two: 1000-1100

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