Perfect vegetarian quick bites in Girgaum

Chills and Grills, a small place to chill while enjoying some of the perfectly done grills. The place is about a year old and has recently made arrangements for the seating area, the small and vibrant coloured seating area can accommodate at about 8-10 people. The vegetarian cafe serves quick bites in Girgaum.

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quick bites

The place is almost equidistant from Grant Road and Charni Road Station at about 1 km away from the respective stations, located near the Hurkisondas Hospital at Prarthana Samaj.

quick bites
Banana Milkshake

After settling down, we called for some Banana Milkshake, this was thick, creamy serve in a one- time usable glass, a great milkshake to order.

Chic Choc Chocolate Milkshake in quick bites
Chic Choc Chocolate Milkshake

Next, we called for Chic Choc Chocolate Milkshake:

The milkshake is garnished with grated dark chocolate. It has a perfect blend of milk and chocolate though the shake could have been a little thicker. Try if you’re a chocolate fan.

Paneer Schezwan Roll
Paneer Schezwan Roll

After enjoying our shakes, we called for a Paneer Schezwan Roll:

The wheat roll had a covering of Chilly and Schezewan sauce, with a few pieces of Paneer (Cottage cheese) and onions. It was a little too spicy, so order only if you like extra spicy.

quick bites
Paneer Schezwan Roll

Pasta Maggies Italian:  

The Pasta was a cook in red sauce with few pieces of green and yellow Capsicum, top with Cheese.  Try it for its taste.

Cheese Garlic Bread
Cheese Garlic Bread

Cheese Garlic Bread:

The garlic bread sprinkled with Oregano, generous amount of cheese, but the thickness of garlic bread was a little thicker than the regular ones.

quick bites
French Fries

French Fries:  

It was served piping hot, finely chop potatoes were fried well, serve with a small portion of tomato sauce. Highly recommended.

Cheese Masala Khichiya Papad

Cheese Masala Khichiya Papad:

The base is of Khichiya Papad, the typical Gujarati snack. Which is cover with a layer of green chutney and Schezwan sauce top with onion, tomato, and Sev, garnish with grated cheese.

Chills and grills Special Maggie
Chills and grills Special Maggie

Chills and grills Special Maggie:

The Maggie is load with the generous amount of veggies like Olives, Baby corn, Small cubes of Paneer and Capsicum, a healthier take on Maggie. Eat while it’s hot.

quick bites
Special Pizza filling Sandwich

Last we tried Special Pizza filling Sandwich:  

The triangular grilled sandwich has a layer of green chutney on the inside, loaded with cheese with the slice of tomatoes and Capsicum. It’s served with the Mayo and green chutney dips.

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Overall the place is good value for money; to have the quick bites whether there or home-delivered. Try this family-run small outlet for the love of quick bites, all vegetarian.

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