The Junkyard Cafe – Quirkiness at its best

Going somewhere on a Monday evening is quite dreadful and can only happen to a place that is worth taking the efforts. Junkyard Cafe, located on hill road just about 1.3 km away from the Bandra station.

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Junkyard Cafe
Junkyard Cafe

The Junkyard Cafe has a spacious and quirky ambience. There are three seating facilities available, outdoor seating on the ground floor, 2 indoor seatings, one on the ground floor and one of the first floor. The extensive place has different junky yet appealing chairs, so take your pick when at the Junkyard Cafe.

Junkyard Cafe
Junkyard Cafe
Quirky Decor

There is World war 1 genre planes, vintage telephone, the Junktipus Prime along with other quirky stuff to give it an eccentric look and feel.

Cocktails drinks in Bandra
Edison Bulb #2 and #3

After settling down, we called in for some drinks; Edison Bulb #2 and #3: The #3 we request the mocktail version of the drink, having the perfect blend of watermelon, basil and lime juice served in a bulb. The drink was as good as the presentation.

Mocktail drinks
Citrus Mart

Next we tried Citrus Mart:

Another mocktail drink, which is a perfect combination of Cranberry juice, Watermelon juice, Pomegranate juice with a hint of lime. It was quite refreshing for the start.

Masala Peanuts
Masala peanuts

How can there be drinks without any Chaknas on the table? So we ordered some Masala peanuts; The peanuts tossed with the pieces of onion and tomato and garnish with Coriander leaves and lemon.

Quattro Stagioni Pizza at Junkyard Cafe
Quattro Stagioni Pizza (Veg)

Next we called for; Quattro Stagioni Pizza (Veg):

The vegetarian pizza has a generous layer of English cheddar garnished with mushrooms, olives and rocket leaves. One of the highlight dishes of the day for sure.

Lamb Seekh kebab
Lamb Seekh Kebab

Lamb Seekh Kebab:

Mince lamb is marinated in Indian spices, the cuts are soft and gentle with flavour coming in each bite. It’s served with the traditional green chutney and slices of onions.

Smoked Cheesy Balls
Smoked Cheesy balls (Veg)

Smoked Cheesy balls (Veg):

The cheesy balls are light and stuff with cheese, and totally tantalizing to the taste buds.

Cheesy Fries
Cheesy Fries (Veg)

 Cheesy Fries (Veg):

The French fries are perfectly fried in Golden brown shade with pieces not very thin or thick. Exactly the kind I love and top with cheese.

Chicken Lasagne at Junkyard Cafe
Chicken Lasagna

For Main Course we called in; Chicken Lasagna:

The Lasagna was cook perfectly, with each layer coming off separately, having mince chicken and sauces cover with cheese. The lasagna looked scrumptious and tasty. Something you should definitely try.

Chicken Penne Arabiatta
Chicken Penne Arabiatta

Chicken Penne Arabiatta:

The Pasta was cooked in Hot tomato sauce and cheese. The amount of spice and cheese wasn’t properly making it taste a little bland; you can skip this when at Junkyard.

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Overall, Junkyard Cafe is a good place to hang out with your friends and spend some quality time between the junk that you would love.

For more details or reservations;
Junkyard Café,
164, Hill Road, Bandra West
Call: 022 33956152

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