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Tea is definitely a one-stop solution to our boredom, craving, headache, stressed, depressed, over-worked, socialize and the list goes on. If Legends are to be believed then the according to them the discovery of tea occurred accidentally by the Emperor Shen Nung of China in 2737BC. Tea truly has a long enduring history and evolution.

Let’s talk all about Tea Trails, the known franchise of tea.

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Tea trails

After a long hectic weekend, all I wanted to do, is visit a calm, cozy place where I can spend hours without getting bored or disturbed, so I headed to Tea trails, located in Kala Ghoda, just about 1.4 KMS away from Churchgate station.

Cozy Corner

The café has a nice lovely ambiance in white, bright white lights, on entering towards your right, you have a wall that says “Come, let us have some TEA and continue talk about happy things”.

Quirky Decor
Tea trails

Further ahead, you have a nice brick pattern leading towards the tea and posts engraved into the wall.

Bricks Decor
Tea trails

Towards your right, you have a nice frame pattern done with a mix of black and white and colored frames. I quite like the décor and the energies it gives out.

Cafe in Mumbai

After settling down, all I wanted to do was try a tea from their carefully curated range of the finest teas. Everyone has a particular taste when it comes to tea, so it’s better to ask yourself these questions before placing your order. What type of tea do you prefer? Hot or cold? Milky or clear? Light or Rich?

Tea trails
Silver Needle
Green Tea
Silver Needle

We ordered Silver Needle:

The tea is served in a quite unique way with an hourglass, one flip makes for 45 seconds, the steward told us to flip the hourglass twice and then press the red button from the flask which pours the tea down into the flask and then pour it hot into your cup. The process was quite fascinating. My friend here preferred the white scented tea with pale green liquor. It was mildly sweet, delicate, and not that strong, which is what we Indians usually search for when having tea.

Tea trails
Moroccan Mint

We then ordered Moroccan Mint:

Because it was widely preferred in the regions of Morocco, Egypt, and Turkey, and as I am a Turkish tea fan, this quick got my attention. It was clear, pale, little minty, and mildly sweet. If at any point, you wish to try the various kinds of tea widely available throughout the world. This is the place to be at.

Tea time

Though the place is known for its extensive range of tea, that doesn’t mean they are any less when it comes to EATs. They have a wide variety of munchies from Indian snacks to world gourmet to satiate your hunger.

We ordered a mocktail called Better Wife:

And just like a better wife in reality it has everything from of tea draped in fruity flavors to a compassionate saga. My friend here just won’t leave the punch the jar aside, unless the mocktail is over. The presentation of the mocktail was quite ok, nothing extraordinary.

Shakes in Fort
Better Wife

Next, we tried the Edgy Veggie French Fries:

The French fries were crispy, golden, and served with Szechuan sauce, spring onions, sesame, and garnished with cheese. Though it wasn’t very cheesy that retains its crispiness.

Tea trails
Edgy Veggie French Fries

Grill Mediterranean Veg Sandwich:

Made in brown bread, It’s really nice, one of the highlight dishes for me. It’s served with French fries on one side and coleslaw on the other.

Grill Sandwich
Grill Mediterranean Veg Sandwich

Veg Creamy Basil Pesto Pasta:

It wasn’t gluey, properly cooked basil pesto and garnished with black olives. You can miss it if you’re not a basil pesto fan like me.

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Tea trails
Veg Creamy Basil Pesto Pasta

Overall, the place has a really nice ambiance, cool and comfortable to spend long hours. It has a wide range of munchies from their specialty Maggie’s to open sandwiches, to pizza to everything that you can wish for.

Next time if you have to spend quality time, relax, and just satisfy your palate, do make a visit to Tea trails and enjoy their distinct flavor and generous serving.

For more details or reservations:
Tea Trails, Shop 6/8, Near Trishna,
Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai
Call: 022 30151690

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