5 Must-Visit Places in Kolkata

Where you stay in any city plays a major role in whether you love/hate the city. Concerned about this fact I planned to stay on S.N Banerjee Road, which made Kolkata quick to access, with easy travel. After a heavy foodie exploration on Day 1, we planned to do some sightseeing to learn more about the culture, people, and architecture.

Mentioning below are the 5 Must-Visit Places in Kolkata.

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Must-Visit Places in Kolkata

1. The day started with visiting the Victoria Memorial.

Like the Taj Mahal, the Victoria Memorial is also made of white Makrana marble. Further, it is a memorial to the British Empress, Queen Victoria. The place is well maintained and is a huge tourist destination with a museum inside. The entrance itself is large, with white stones and greenery all around. It evokes a majestic feeling, just perfect for clicking pictures. The memorial is dazzling during the day. However equally mesmerizing at night, though I couldn’t explore the night view, but heard a lot about it. So when in Kolkata do definitely visit.

Victoria Memorial.
Victoria Memorial.

2. The Indian Museum

On Day 2 in Kolkata, right after lunch, our next destination was The Indian Museum. It’s the largest and oldest museum in India, which has some rare collections from ancient times. It took us a good hour to explore the museum and its different sections. Taking us into the world of antiques, armor and ornaments, fossils, skeletons, mummies, and Mughal paintings. The museum was quite well maintained. Videography was prohibited inside the premises.

The Indian Museum
The Indian Museum

3. Head to Wolves 11 to chill for some time:

A place is quite in the interiors, inside a building. Which was a bit difficult to locate at first. But once you enter the building the directions are quite self-explanatory. We played a game of pool; Ravina and Devesh were helpful and taught us the game. Some hookah and pool made for a lovely time. Ahead, we ordered some Cheese-Corn pasta (kind of custom made, as our friend here loves corn ;). The place wasn’t very crowded in the late afternoon, which was nice: Overall, a decent experience.

4. Science City is definitely one of the Must-Visit Places in Kolkata

Then we went to learn more about Vigyaan (Science) – kidding. But we did explore the very famous and the largest science center in the Indian subcontinent, called Science City. When we entered we tried the Cable Cars. It was a new experience, something I have never done before. Then the Gravity Coaster, and I honestly feel like I was back in my childhood.

Must-Visit Places in Kolkata
Science City

5. On the other side of Science City was the Space Odyssey

Which had Space science, the spinning platform? A Van-de-Graaff generator, Mirror Magic, and an interactive multimedia kiosk on the Solar System. From there we moved on to watch Evolution of Life – A Dark Ride. Which had seven sections to showcase the milestone of each of the events and their evolution of life. Science City is quite a large area, further divides into different zones, which caters to everyone’s need. After so much brain application and knowledge gaining, it was time to find dinner.

Space Odyssey
Space Odyssey

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These were the 5 Must-Visit Places in Kolkata. Kolkata really made me fall in love with the city once more. The places, people and food all together made me want to stay more 🙂

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