Perfect 5 Active wear for women that should be in your wardrobe

“You deserve better, you know you do.”
The same quote had a different meaning a few years ago, but not anymore.
It’s finally the era when everyone knows and wants to do things to take care of themselves and their health. Covid did teach us a few good things, like taking care of our health, lifestyle, and fitness. As a woman, you have numerous responsibilities. But we must never forget that one of the major responsibilities from this non-ending list is taking care of yourself and your health.

It’s time we take our fitness seriously. While working out is our priority, we also need the perfect gear/outfit to be comfortable and feel good. Having the right activewear for women is a must, so when you work out, you do it with style and comfort.

For the same, I will list the perfect 5 Active wear for women that should be in your wardrobe.

1.Activewear Pants:

Having the right kind of stretchable, comfortable activewear pants are a must. The fit needs to be perfect and so is the stretch so nothing hinders your stretches, runs, bends, or any movement while exercising in any form.
You can find some great active wear for women at Hummel

2. Sue Seamless Sports Women Tops:

While working out aggressively, sometimes the top stitches or folds leave a mark on your body or leaves a red mark. For heavy/intense workouts, having a sue seamless (without any stitches) sports top for women is a must. It’s comfortable, a perfect fit and smooth on the skin.

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3. Sports Bra:

This is an absolute must. Active wear for women is incomplete without a sports bra in your closet. Whether it’s something basic like running or jogging or more advanced like mixed martial arts, Krav Maga, etc. Having a perfect fit, a comfortable and breathable sports bra is an essential addition in your wardrobe and absolutely required.
You can find some great options on the Hummel website too.

4. Evy Women Shorts:

For a lot of workouts, shorts seem like a more comfortable option and a preferred type when it comes to active wear for women. Make sure you have nice, short, free-flowing, sweatproof and comfortable women’s shorts packed along with your workout gear.

5. Active wear sets:

Having the right kind of activewear set, whether a tights and seamless top or women’s shorts with a sports bra. Having a coordinated set of activewear is the new fashion trend that makes you stand out, and look confident and vibrant. So, make sure to add one to your wardrobe too

While ordering from Hummel, the UI was just like all e-comm. The buying process was seamless and quick. While adding a product to the cart, the default size of the product gets added, a pop-up to select the right size should be added. Make sure you select the correct size while ordering. It takes some time to get the order confirmation email. I received the shipment update for my order on the 8th day and received my order on the 10th day. The order delivery timeline is a little extensive and hoping the brand would be fastening it in the future.

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These are my perfect 5 Active wear for women options that should be in your wardrobe to make sure you sweat comfortably while burning some calories.

Feel free to suggest if something specific should be added to this list. As usual, I look forward to your views.

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