Here is the best place to find amazing gifts for men on a budget

Getting gifts for girls is often easier than gifting a guy.
I mean, what do you get him? A shirt? Jeans? A belt, perhaps?
Yes, finding normal gifts for men seems easy when you know the person.
But if you want to go the extra mile, then it gets tricky. You need to find out their taste and favorite stuff so as to find gifts. Overall, knowing the person means you can somehow get them a gift they will like.

But what about people whom you don’t know much about? You might come across such situations where you need to gift but have little or no idea of what that guy likes. There have been times I had to gift a few colleagues and friends whom I did not have one idea of what they liked. Instead of playing it safe and getting them a regular gift, I found a list of gifts that is quirky, exciting, and useful.

gifts for men
Gifts for men

Here are a few gifts for men that you can shortlist the next time you have to gift someone.

1. Mustache cufflinks, tie pin, and lapel pin gift set:

Guys like dressing up too. Whether it is for a corporate event or a function, guys prefer wearing a tuxedo, a three-piece suit, or even a blazer. For guys like this, gifting this set of accessories will up their game. Get them matching cufflinks, a tie pin, and a lapel pin. This one is specifically a mustache-based gift set so the items have a mustache drawn on them.

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2. Natural anti-bacterial body wash:

Guys do focus on smelling great and are ditching the traditional soap for the body wash. This is a good gift choice as the body wash helps in preventing acne, body odor, and eczema. It also acts as a natural moisturizer. If you are looking for gifts for men under 500, this can be one brilliant choice.

3. Quirky neck-tie set:

Mensome budget gifts for men in India
Mensome budget gifts for men in India

This is for the Ranveer Singh of your group in fashion. There are many guys you know who love experimenting with their outfits and colors. So instead of opting for a regular tie set, try gifting this quirky neck-tie set. It includes a necktie, a pocket square, and a lapel pin. If you are looking for gifts for men under 1000, this is an excellent choice.

4. Natural fragrance kit:

Gone were the days when the safest gifts for men involved deodorants. There are multiple choices available now. The natural deodorant cream is something new and refreshing. It comes in multiple fragrance options and can be a very good gift option. There are multiple cream options that one can choose from.

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5. Bamboo charcoal face wash:

Face wash until a few years ago was something that only women looked for. Now, men too are looking for options that can keep their face clean and fresh. This face wash has all the right ingredients to bring that freshness. With charcoal and Indonesian ash, this is one face wash that any guy would like. Also, it is very budget-friendly and hence if you are looking for gifts for men within 250, this is worth checking out.

Where did I get such killer gift options?

Mensome, this brand has some of the quirkiest gifts for men in India. I liked their variety and the fact that the products are different from what you usually find online. Whether it is a gift for your partner, father, brother, friend, or colleague, there is something for everyone. Do check them out.

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