Indonesia Beyond Bali: Travel Spots You Cannot Afford To Miss

Bali is common on travellers’ bucket-lists. If you’re planning that trip, do yourself a favour and get a tour package that takes you beyond the usual. Indonesia has so much more to offer than just the famous tourist spots in Bali.

Explore these lesser-known destinations in Indonesia for the complete experience.

Indonesia Beyond Bali - Jakarta City
Indonesia Beyond Bali – Jakarta City

1.Jakarta City

Sitting on the island of Java, the capital of Indonesia is the epicentre of all ethnicities in the country. Granted, the city is definitely not going to be crowd-free, but how can it be an alpha world city without a healthy crowd? Other than the marvel of the city, you could visit Jakarta for the following –

Authentic Food Experience

Food is the best way to experience a culture. Durian, the world’s smelliest fruit, is quite commonly used in the cuisine here. Other than Durian, try Soto Betawi, a dish authentic to Jakarta. If you are a person who loves binging on street food, the Warung food stalls are the spots to hit.

Rich History

Jakarta, being one of the oldest inhabited cities in Southeast Asia, has a rich history. While visiting the many museums, monuments, and other landmarks is great, the stories of its existence are best heard from the locals.

Diverse Culture

The indigenous communities like Betawi, Javanese and Sudanese have festivals that preserve their culture and are a feast to foreign eyes!

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Indonesia Beyond Bali
Indonesia Beyond Bali

2. Nusa Lembongan

A part of a group of three islands, Nusa Lembongan has the most to offer in terms of tourist infrastructure. You will not have to divert too far from your Bali trip as the island is a very short trip from it. Here is what you cannot afford to miss while in Nusa Lembongan.

The Myriad Of Beaches

Mushroom beach, Paradise beach, Dream beach, Sandy Bay, and Tamarind beach are all picturesque beaches. The view, along with the food, drinks, and peace of mind, will have you lowkey planning to move here permanently.

Devil’s Tears

This raw power of mother nature is a sight to experience. The adrenaline rush from the crashing waves on rocky coves is blissful.

Other Attractions

A trip through a mangrove forest and swimming with giant manta rays sounds like a dream. When in Lembongan, it is one that can come true. Make the most of the trip with a temple and seaweed farm visit, to breathe in the soul of Indonesia.

3. Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta, the only Indonesian royal city still ruled by a monarch, is home to a myriad of cultures and art. Make sure that you don’t miss out on these spots –

Heritage Sites, Monuments

The 9th-century Hindu temple named the Prambanan temple is an architectural marvel you cannot afford to miss. The historically significant Tugu monument is a popular tourist attraction as well.

Jalan Malioboro

This official shopping street is a must-visit spot for every tourist. Befriend a local to find the best spots where you can find anything from artwork to local delicacies.

Local Cusine

Gudeg Yogya (jackfruit, palm sugar, coconut milk), Krechek (beef skin dish), and Bakpia (sweet pastry with mung bean paste) are must-try dishes authentic to Yogyakarta. No Yogyakarta experience is complete without their local food.

Indonesia Beyond Bali In Closing

Sure, one of the best destinations in Indonesia is Bali. But the better option is to take a tour package offered by SOTC to explore these nearby sweet spots and you will have unveiled many non-mainstream tourist spots worth your time.

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  1. Bali is almost synonymous with Indonesia, but there is so much more to the country. You have listed some of the best places to visit other than Bali. Yogyakarta is our pick of the lot.

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      That’s great to know

  2. Ramya Pandey says:

    This is a nicely written article, I am amazed to see Indonesia offers so much more. I would like to visit Jakarta, and experience the historical side of it. I don’t know why they only focus on Bali and highlight it so much.

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      Exactly, so many more places to visit and explore

  3. I think Indonesia be it Bali or Jakarta is better off to be explored by oneself and visit the small falls, temples, shopping streets than go on a tour by any travel agents. There are so many things you’ll miss out if you opt for a travel agent

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      It’s all about ones comfort. Travel agents and agencies make it more convenient and easy, while when doing ourselves involves more planning and research. Choice is always ours

  4. Nidhi Gupta says:

    Hey… how good is the place for vegetarians. Being a foodie, good food always tops my list.a

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      Can totally understand, I had my eyes more on seafood food options being a complete non-vegetarian

  5. Sundeep says:

    Indonesia is already in my bucket list. And these are some amazing places one should not miss. I am adding all these places to my bucket list. We are planning to visit next year. 🙂

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      I am glad the list is helpful 🙂

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