Pushp Vatika Resort & Lawns – Top Resort in Panvel

Are you looking to travel during the lockdown?
But you’re scared and concerned about your health?
What if I tell you about a resort that’s both safe and fun for you?
Would you like to know more about it if I tell you it’s one of the best resorts near Mumbai and it just 1.5 hours away?
I’m sure most of you will want to know more about this place.

I recently visited Pushp Vatika Resort for a 2-day staycation. It is one of the best experiences this lockdown and I feel rejuvenated. From being rejuvenated, I remember their tagline that’s “Relax, Celebrate and Rejuvenate”.

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Here’s some information about this resort near Panvel:

History: This is a 25-year-old property that was initially built as a farmhouse. In the later years, it was commercialized and converted into a resort.

Total rooms: This resort in Mumbai boasts a total of 24 rooms (50 people).

Location – Panvel

Proximity from Mumbai – It roughly takes anywhere between 1.5 to 2 hours max including traffic time.

Modes of transport:

You can either get your two-wheeler or four-wheeler. Other options include an Ola, Uber, or even an auto-rickshaw. The cost for these options one way will range from 550 – 850 depending on the time and availability.

Amenities – Here’s what you will find in this staycation near Mumbai:

  1. Machan: Treehouse structure where you can watch the sunset and click pictures.

2. A hammock that can accommodate up to two people. Just rewind and chill.

3. Swimming Pool – Pushp Vatika is one of the best resorts with swimming pool that’s regularly filtered with safety precautions in mind.

4. There’s a “Rain Dance” structure adjoining the pool. It’s currently shut as they’re looking for options to make it safe for everyone.

5. Games: Gaming room that includes indoor games like carom board, a pool table, foosball, chess, and Table tennis.Outdoor games like Badminton rackets, cricket bat, and cycling can also be arranged.

6. There’s a Gazebo out front where you can chill, dine, and even sit and enjoy the weather outside.

7. Village setting – This space is being worked on and will start post the rains are done! There’s a bonfire where you can sit around in the evening.

8. Finally, there are sanitizers on almost every amenities mentioned above. They take safety very seriously and have a dedicated room for any guest that showcases COVID-19 symptoms.

9. The rooms will have toiletries, a kettle with sachets of coffee and tea that you can do-it-yourself.

10. They also have a floor that can be booked privately. This floor consists of 7 rooms and can house up to 15-16 people. So tell me, isn’t this an amazing resort in Panvel for family

11. Wedding – Pushp Vatika is often considered as one of the best resorts near Panvel for weddings. They have a separate hall that can be utilized for weddings with less than 100 guests. The same room otherwise is used as a gaming room.

Pricing –

Stay for 1 day costs 2500+ taxes for 2 people. You can opt for food separately a-la-carte style.

Food –

While most of the staycations I have been to have provided decent food, Pushp Vatika came out as one of the best. This staycation in Mumbai not only provides amazing quantities but also food with good taste. Whether it’s Indian or Chinese, they do give you the best of food. Not just this, the pricing is reasonable and will not bury a hole in your pocket.

Staff –

The staff here is polite, and always will serve you with a smile on their face. I wanted to leave early on a weekday and requested an early breakfast before 8 am. They managed to do that without any issues.

My experience –

Overall, my experience in Pushp Vatika is full of bliss. The place has greenery, birds are always chirping and there’s no hustle-bustle of the city. In short, you’re bound to feel calm and full of peace when you’re here. Pushp Vatika is not just a resort in Panvel for couples but also apt for families.

I explored this resort in Panvel, walked on grass, clicked more than 100+ pictures, and felt close to nature. If you love clicking pictures, this is going to be one fun place for you.

Food-wise, you are sorted and quantity will never be an issue. As per the hospitality, this is one of the best places to be. So now, you don’t need to Google “resorts near me”. Just visit this place as soon as possible and enjoy it.

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Pushp Vatika Resort & Lawns
Address: Village Pale Budruk Taluka Panvel Dist, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 410206
Phone: 070215 17299

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  1. Ruchi Nasa says:

    Good to know about this place ! you definitely had a good time there with so many outdoor options

    1. Afreen Ansari says:

      I loved my stay

  2. Hema says:

    oh my goodness. the place looks like a amazing destination to unwind and relax

    #MyFriendAlexa #HemaReads

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      Totally is does

  3. Ruchi Verma says:

    This property looks really great!! Thanks for sharing!!

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      Happy you liked

  4. Shamik says:

    Nice post with cool pictures. Thanks for sharing a detailed review of the place.

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      Glad you liked it

  5. Srikanth says:

    Good post and the location looks good with village type setting from what I can see.. Thanks for sharing

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      Great to know

  6. Looks like a great place for family staycation. Thanks for sharing review #tmmreads

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  7. Tina Basu says:

    Looks like a nice resort for the weekend! WOuld be a nice outing for families!

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      Indeed is

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