Acne Medi-Cleanup

Beauty lies in having healthy and glowing skin; it’s not always about being fair. It’s also about being healthy and having healthy skin. Knowing all the treatments like Acne Medi-Cleanup, Organic Facial Peels Etc. It lets you achieve a lot more, be more confident and more beautiful.

This year for me is all about self-love. To take my self-love ahead I visited Cutis Clinic, which has been in this field for more than 18 years. In other words, Experience comes with great knowledge and expertise.

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Acne Medi-Cleanup

All about Acne Medi-Cleanup

I visited the Bandra branch, located at about 1 km from the Bandra station, located on the Hill road. I had an appointment with Dr. Zeba, the true skin warrior who explained how my skin is, the things that can make it healthier and glowing. How my increasing exposure to pollution, dirt, and the increased stress level, contributed to the hormonal changes. As a result, my skin becomes a hub for a lot of bacteria and imbalance leading to mild acne.  She suggested Acne Medi-Cleanup along with some Vitamin medicines. These help to control the excess oil secretion from the Sebaceous glands and some product changes in my routine cleansing.

After the analysis, we head to meet Senior Skin Practitioner, Ms. Shagufta, who did my Acne Mediclean up, which a seven-step procedure starting from:



Cream cleanser with micellar water and hyaluronic acid cleanses the skin. After that, it removes all the traces of make-up, grime, pollution, and bacteria.



It’s done with the help of microbeads and fine rice flour. These further, exfoliate the skin of all dead skin cells.



A delicate organ of the skin pH ranges from 5.5 to 6.5. During cleansing and exfoliation; disturbs the pH of the skin so to reset the pH of the skin, toning is essential.

Steaming and extraction
Steaming and extraction

Steaming and extraction:

Blackheads are known as comedones; are essential dried sebaceous gland secretions that block the oil glands leading to acne. As a result of opening the skin pores, dissolving the cells at pores. These further extracting the comedones; important to achieve acne-free clear skin.

Hi Frequency for Acne Medi-Cleanup
Hi Frequency

Hi Frequency: 

When you apply to the surface of the skin. A mild electrical current passes through the neon gas-filled glass electrode; causing it to emit a violet light and buzzing noise. During the high-frequency treatment it produces enrich oxygen molecules. Furthermore, they have an anti-bacterial action and the heat is lethal to the bacteria. It also increases blood circulation and cell renewal that aid in increased levels of collagen and elastin.

Massage for Acne Medi-Cleanup


Acne skin pore needs to be protected from creams and oily. Cutis prefer massage on points of never stress and lymphatic with a gel. This relaxes, de-stresses, clears lymphatic obstruction, and increases blood supply.

Face mask
Face mask

Face mask:

No facial treatment is completed without applying a nourishing mask that hydrates the top layers of the skin giving that radiant glow to the skin. When the masked is removed (Which contains hyaluronic acid, VitC, AHS, and moisturizing ingredients) skin is massaged with sunscreen.

The Acne medi clean-up for acne skin goes along with oral and topical medication. Only on doctors’ advice, one should undergo the treatment especially if you have active acne. It gives proper results if repeated once in 4 weeks.

Acne Medi-Cleanup

So, take charge of your skin and health as you’re the most important person for yourself. Here is everything about Acne Medi-Cleanup. Treatment, technology & luxury comes Alive at Cutis. Cutis knows how your skin should be treated in a lush-Spa kind of ambiance.

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For more details or appointments:
Cutis Skin Solution
Bandra Branch:
Floor, Namdar House, Opp Bandra Police Station, 89 Hill Road Bandra West, Mumbai – 400050

Kemps Corner Branch:
151D, Landmark: Opposite Gangar Eye Nation & Behind Vithal Court, Mumbai: 400036

Call: 098338 89515

All picture courtesy: Parul Kumar

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