Cute Cafe coupled with games in South Mumbai

Every day calls for something more, something great, something different and with the same thought, we decided to visit Fort001. This Cafe with Board Games is a beautiful, well-lit place located at the fort, just about a kilometre away from the Churchgate station.

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cafe with board games
cafe with board games
cafe with board games

Board Games

This Cafe with Board Games in Mumbai is beautiful, bright with minimalistic décor and wooden furnishing. It has a lot of board games to set the mood right when with friends. A place best suited to visit with friends or family.

Mango Mint at cafe with board games
Mango Mint

We started with: Mango Mint: A great refreshing drink for Mango lovers, with a dose of mint leaves.

Basil Martini
Basil Martini

Basil Martini:

Serve in the martini, it’s something you should totally try, if you like basil, thick, creamy mocktail, perfect to start with.

Hariyanli Pav Bhaji at cafe with board games
Hariyali Pav bhaji

Hariyali Pav bhaji:

Something different than the traditional Pav Bhaji. It’s served with home-made pav, they also serve an extra bowl of bhaji and onion rings. Try for its difference.

Lebanese Platter
Lebanese platter

Lebanese platter:

The platter consists of Hummus in the middle, Khoubz which is the Arabic bread, Falafel and some fresh veggies. The platter comes with Harissa Sauce and Garlic dips. Do try!

Misal Fondue
Misal Fondue

Misal Fondue:

Serve in a total Swiss-style, misal is top with Farsan and Chunks of fresh bread. This is totally a dish in style, though the traditional misal taste is missing. But the dish is otherwise good to try.

Ruzali Cottage Cheeese at cafe with board games
Ruzali Cottage Cheese

Ruzali Cottage Cheese:

Paneer is roll into small pieces, stuff with bell pepper. Indian Spices and cheese, top with colourful capsicum, highly recommended.

Cheese Nachos
Nachos with cheese sauce

Nachos with cheese sauce:

The crispy Nachos are top with a layer of cheese, garnish with slices of capsicum.

Potato Lollipops at cafe with board games
Potato Lollipops

Potato Lollipops:

The lollipops are serve piping hot. Perfectly smash potato is baked with a crispy outing, making it a perfect munchy on the side; served with cheesy dip.

Penne Arrabiata Pizza

For mains, we called for Margherita Pizza and Penne Arrabiata Pizza:

Both the pizza’s are thin crush, top with a layer of cheese and then the topping.

Pot Rice at cafe with board games
Pot rice

Pot rice:

The Chinese speciality is on point, from the taste to ingredients and the pot fills with veggies. A dish you would never regret ordering.

Thai Green Curry
Thai Green Curry

Thai Green Curry:

The gravy has the perfect viscosity. The coconut-based gravy is top with Cody leaf goes perfect with steam rice.

Cookie Monster at cafe with board games
The Original Monster Cookie

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The Original Monster Cookie:

Now coming to the end of the meal, the dessert. The base is freshly baked chocolate chip cookie, top with chocolate sauce. Then with a scoop of Vanilla Ice cream. It’s soft and crunchy and something that should definitely be tried.

Fort001 is a cafe with board games where you can spend hours chilling, playing and eating!

For more details or reservations:
Fort001, Janmabhoomi Marg,
Fort, Mumbai
Call: 022 33951711
Cost for two:

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