Burger Brasserie best for Indi-Burger in Andheri

Whenever it comes to eating out, the whole discussion gets so complicated. As there is just way too many options to finally zero down on one. Meeting an old friend made me bump into Burger Brasserie. Located at Andheri Lokhandwala, just 1.8 kms away from the DN Nagar metro station.


For me Burger Brasserie is ‘Small Packet Bada Dhamaka’. The place is small and has both outdoor and indoor seating. The indoor has a very Mumbaikar feeling with one wall displaying the marine drive night view. And the other wall showing the Worli Sea link.


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The Outdoor seating makes the atmosphere stand out with some lighting on the corners.

Loaded chicken

After settling down, the confusion begun. The 2 page menu has so many options to confuse you with. We begin with Loaded chicken from the Desi Poutine section; It was the kind I haven’t tasted before. The shredded chicken is cook in Tandoori style, with their in-house gravy. That is spicy and has the perfect blend of Indian spices. Garnish with cheese and coriander, go for it for sure.

Buttermilk braised Spicy chicken

Then we called for Buttermilk braised Spicy chicken from the Pita Pockets section:

Tandoori Chicken marinated in Indian spices is the filling of the Pita Pockets and served with Garlic Mayonnaise. The chicken wasn’t that spicy, so don’t order with the expectation of it being spicy.

Coming to what they are famous for! The burgers, and kid you not when I say they have Indianized burgers of anything you can ask for. From Pav Bhaji Burger, Palak Paneer Burger to Butter Chicken Burger and the list goes on.

Butter Chicken Burger

I tried the Butter Chicken Burger:

Philly chicken is marinated in Indian Spices and thread in pieces. And then cook in the traditional Makhani Gravy, serve with Fenugreek and Chilli Mayonnaise. It gives you that authentic Butter Chicken feeling with each bite of the burger.

Gilafi Kebab

Gilafi Kebab:

The Mince lamb patty is perfectly cook in Indian spices like chopped coriander, mint, etc. And have the perfect flavors and ingredients. It’s stuff with cheese and thus the burger is cut in a piece of two and serve with Garlic Mayonnaise. It was the highlight of the evening and highly recommended.

Gulab Jamun and Cheese Cake shake

From the milk shakes section we called for Gulab Jamun and Cheese Cake shake:

And true to its name the shake gives you the perfect taste. It’s not extremely sweet not very heavy and perfect to end your meal or in between.

At Burger Brasserie, Each of their burgers are serve with different combination of Mayonnaise. Depending on the burger use, a lot of thought has gone by in making the burgers stand out. There is always some different special burger which is not in the menu, so do ask about it.

Burger Brasserie is Small in Size, but Big on flavors.

For more information or orders:
The Burger Brasseria
9, Mayfair CHS, Oberoi Complex,
New Link Road, Andheri Lokhandwala,
Andheri West
Call: +91 7718947475
022 26396724

Cost for two: INR 400

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