Turkish Food Festival at Sofitel

Turkish Airlines was promoting the Turkish Food Festival happening in Mumbai.

When I came to know about the same from one of their Facebook post. All I want to do was visit Sofitel at  Bandra-Kurla Complex, where the Turkish Food festival was going on. Since the weekdays were a full pack. We went on a Saturday for a brunch and enjoy the Turkish delicious to its fullest.

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Turkish Food
Home of Istanbul

At the venue, there was a sort of surprise for us. As there where many other food choices also available: Indian, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Italian, etc.

Turkish Food

Our host gave us a table. The Turkish food festival is in a buffet style so we were free to choose and take whatever we want. Since the theme is Turkish, we decide to start with that only. The venue had this great collection of local Turkish music which added to the atmosphere.

In starters, we tried;

Lamb Chop
Kuzu Pirzola (Lamb Chop)

Kuzu Pirzola (Lamb Chop):

They were prepared in the combination of very fine Mediterranean spices. The lamb was quite well cooked and serve hot. Taste came quite close to the juiciness and bitterness of lamb and the aroma was delightful.

Turkish Food
Izgara Balik (Bakes Fish)

Izgara Balik (Bakes Fish):

The fish well baked in slow flames, tender and soft as it melts in the mouth. It’s garnished with fried onions and lemon base mix. Which adds a sweet aroma and taste to the palate.

Chicken Wings
Tavuk Kanat (Chicken Wings)

Tavuk Kanat (Chicken Wings):

Very well cooked, soft-juicy, and tender. Made using cherry tomatoes as a whole. Adding the zing flavor, the aroma is simply enticing.

Turkish Food

Then there were some Indian dishes which were prepared really well. Some of these dishes were as: Lagan Ke Dum Aloo, Kakarakaya Vepudu, Chole Paneer, Hyderabadi Bhagar Salan, Dum Ka Murg, etc.

Assorted Breads Basket

They had a variety of Indian bread at their disposal.

All we had to do was ask the steward and it was served hot right at our table itself. Also, there were options in rice like the Biryani, steam rice, and Malaysian rice.

Turkish Food


It’s a Vietnamese dish prepare with pepper and garlic. One should try this when you are looking forward to a change of taste. It’s a vegetarian dish, but definitely worth a bite.


There is also Sushi, which they make right in front of you.

So for all those who love the taste of raw fish, have a variety to try from. I can’t say much as am not a sushi fan myself.

Now for the deserts,

Turkish Food

There is a variety from which you can select. From Indian Basundi, Chenna Poda, Rice Kheer to Chocolate Surprise, Mixed Berry Bake, Fruit Moose, etc. The counter simply took the breath away.

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What was missing was the Baklava, the traditional Turkish dessert. I suppose that it would have been a great end for lunch.

The overall experience at the Turkish Food Festival was good. but I did hope to have a little more number of choices available and definitely missed the tasting Baklava.

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