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Whenever one talks about Farzi Cafe, the first thing that comes to the mind is why the name “Farzi”, since “Farzi” has so many connotations, most common of them all is illusion or Copy, but visit Farzi Cafe and you will realize that the place is nowhere close to being fake, but can be perfectly described for, “creating an illusion” with its cuisine, known for giving a complete gourmet experience.

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Farzi Cafe located at Kamala Mills, Lower Parel is just 1 km away from the Lower Parel station and very easy to locate. The Café has a few steps before the entrance; on proceeding further there is an attendant desk to direct you towards the right table. Further ahead is the Bar, where bartenders use some modern alchemy techniques and create gastronomic wonders for the eyes as well as for the soul.

Farzi Cafe
Bar stack

The ambiance is snug, chic, and perfect for a relaxed eating experience. It has wooden finishing with a lot of mirror/reflectors. From their tabletop to washrooms, everything has a reflection.

Ambiance of Farzi Cafe
Interesting Props Restaurant

We didn’t even settle on our tables and the steward was all ready to welcome us with Mishti Doi shots their version of molecular sweet. It was sweet and sour with a hint of strawberry.

Mishti Doi Shots
Mishti Doi shots

After going on a clicking spree, I settle with the mocktails that have me Farzified. The mocktails form a part of the Farzi Shoonya section, Shoonya means zero and this section means it has zero alcohol.

The first mocktail I tried was Strawberry Lemonade

They have added strawberry to lemonade to balance the sweetness and topped it with soda to make it refreshing. It was sweet, and a little tangier.

Drinks at Farzi Cafe
Strawberry Lemonade

Grenny Mint Royal:

The other in-line, the base was minty, with cream on top. If like me, you’re not a fan of this combination, just skip ordering it.

Cocktails in Mumbai
Grenny Mint Royal

Farzi Apple Foamintini:

While all my mates were busy trying the various cocktails available, they praised the ones mentioned.  This one literally has foams spreading out when you receive the drink, on picking the glass up, all the foam evaporates. The sight of the drink was amazing to watch.

Farzi Cafe
Farzi Apple Foamintini

Kolavari Bunta and AamPapad Bunta:

These bottles resemble the Goti Soda I used to have as a kid, the only difference is that this has Rum incorporated. The cocktails are a perfect example of molecular gastronomy to absorb the visitor into the ultimate gastronomic illusion.

Goli Soda
Kolavari Bunta
Mocktails in Mumbai
AamPapad Bunta

Most of the Tapas and the food served at Farzi has quite a fancy name and plating, which makes it quite Insta-worthy 😉 The sumptuous dishes that we tried and tested:

Upma And Curried Mozzarella Bites, Puly Ingi:

They have given a twist to the traditional Upma. The bites are filled with Upma and Mozzarella cheese and serve with Puly Ingi sauce. Which is a mix of sweet and spicy, the dish was a rick in oil for my palate.

Farzi Cafe
Upma And Curried Mozzarella Bites
Upma And Curried Mozzarella Bites

Besant Nagar Chilli Fritters, Puly Ingi:

The name says it all, why Besant Nagar, simply because the chilies are source from there and are stuff with mozzarella cheese. Served with Banana chips and Puly Ingi Sauce, which is sweet and spicy.

Farzi Cafe
Besant Nagar Chilli Fritters

Dak Bungalow Chicken:

In former days, there is a train in West Bengal known as Dak Bungalow. There are spices produce in the train itself and distributed around. The chicken at Farzi uses the same spices thus, the name Dak Bungalow Chicken. The dip served with the dish has imported mayonnaise with a garlic tadka. Every dish is modernized it some way or the way and this is surely a must to try!

Chicken Starters
Dak Bungalow Chicken

Keema Ghotala Hot Dog:

The regular Kheema Ghotala dish is with a twist. It’s not served with any paratha or pav but instead fusion with hot dog bun. For garnish, they have added Mint salsa and mayonnaise

Hot Dog
Keema Ghotala Hot Dog

Black Pepper And Golden Garlic Prawns:

The Prawns are cook to perfection, serve with two kinds of plating. The prawns are toss in soya sauce and top with foam having Coriander and bok choy taste.

Farzi Cafe
Black Pepper And Golden Garlic Prawns
Black Pepper And Golden Garlic Prawns

For the main course, Wok Tossed Vegetables, Peanut Tamarind Salan, Dhania Kulcha:

The presentation is amazing, Indian Vegetables are chop and cook with Peanut Tamarind gravy, again a fusion of Indian and western flavors. It’s served with Roti Jala (made up of besan) on top, have with Dhania Khulcha.

Farzi Cafe
Wok Tossed Vegetables

Shawarma Biryani:

The Shawarma live counter is been replicated as the plating. Instead of chicken, it’s made up of lamb, the biryani has rich flavor and aroma and serves with a Raita just like a biryani. My personal favorite main course definitely tries this when at Farzi.

Shawarma Biryani
Shawarma Biryani

Sweetness in food has been equally important just like having sweetness in life. To add some sugary delight, we tried these desserts.

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Ghevar Malai Tart, Saffron Aire:

Farzi has given a twist to the traditional Rajasthani dish by adding the Saffron Aire (instead of using Saffron sauce they used foam). Ghevar is cook up of Maida, ghee, and has a milk base tart. Which is dense, on top of it they have Rabdi with silver covering. The dish is here with some fruits on the side; such as Dragon fruit, California grapes, apple, and blueberry.

Desserts in Mumbai
Ghevar Malai Tart

Farzi Sundae:

If you’re a Kulfi lover then this is a must. The base is Brownie, and then you can taste Blueberry Kulfi, Carrot Kulfi, and Cinnamon Kulfi without any addition of ice cream. It also has Chocolate waffles and gems. Overall, it’s a dessert delight and should be tried for sure.

Farzi Cafe
Farzi Sundae

For a great sensory experience, Farzi Cafe is the place to be, the ambiance imparts great energy that can keep you going on. The generous dose of Indian flavors infused in each of the dishes creates the ultimate gastronomic illusion. This place is happening at any hour of the day and has something for everyone.

Quirky Menu

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