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Bohri Muslims, have a distinct cultivation and customs with a blend of ethnic cultures, including: Yemeni, Egyptians, Africans, Pakistanis and Indians. Just like their culture, Bohri food is equally distinct and delicious, one is lucky to have tasted/experienced the same if you have close Bohri friends. The Bohri Thal is famous for its flavor and the uniqueness of its presentation.

Durriya Rampurwala and Dhoondia Shrin. Picture Credit: Suunil G Murudkar

Experiencing this beauty comes with a condition, of having a Bohri friend, but not anymore; Dhoondia Shrin and Durriya Rampurwala, the siblings share the common passion to cook delicious food. The ladies doing amazing in their corporate career, dared to give a life to their dreams and started Soul Food kkitchen, and they enjoy doing something they love. The idea is to have people come over to their place and experience Pop-up – Bhori Thal, where one gets to experience not just the food but also their customs and traditions.


Bohri Food is both detectable and distinctive not just in the way it’s done, but also how it’s served. The age old tradition and custom is to eat in a Thal. It symbolizes unity, equality and sharing. The Thal is kept on a raised metal or wooden round called ‘Kundali,’ which forms the base for the Thal.

Chillam Chi Lota. Picture credit: Suunil G Murudkar

Before starting any meal, Bohri’s like many other religions, has this tradition of cleansing hands thoroughly and it’s called Chillam Chi Lota. The host of the brunch does this honor and totally makes you feel at home.


Every meal is started first with a pinch of salt to clear the taste buds.

Gol Paani

We were greeted with the welcome drink Gol Paani; The jaggery infused drink with Basil seeds (Sabza) is a great refreshment with health benefits, perfect to start your day and meal.

Sheer Khurma

We started our popup lunch in the same traditional way, starting with Sheer Khurma, the traditional Muslim Eid feast. It’s prepared with milk, sevai, with generous amount of dry fruits like Almond, Raisin, Pista, Chironji (Cuddapah almond) and Cashewnuts. It was thick, creamy and a perfect start off any meal.

Dhoongaar Samosa

Next, in Khaaras (starters) we had, Dhoongaar Samosa (Smoked Lamb Kheema Samosa), served with lemon slice and green chutney. The Lamb was minced and marinated in Indian spices and cooked with spring onions, mint leaves, coriander, green chilies and Garam Masala. It’s rich in taste with each bite, making you want to have more.

Chicken Fried Drumsticks
green salad

Chicken Fried Drumsticks; This is my personal favorite from the lot. It was served in a unique glass with Thousand islands Mayonnaise as the base, topped with lettuce then Chicken drumsticks. The chicken is marinated in ginger, garlic and is served with green salad.

Mutton Kari and Jeera Rice

In the main course we had; Mutton Kari and Jeera Rice. The Mutton curry has distinct flavor, the mutton is cooked perfectly. The Jeera rice is loaded with fried onion and curry leaves. One bite and you know that it’s different then your regular mutton curry yet delicious.

Pineapple Halwa

For Mithaas (desserts) we had the Pineapple Halwa; The Halwa is made with Pineapple, Sugarville syrup and vanilla cake and garnished with generous amount of mawa. It’s not very sweet or heavy, and can be enjoyed thoroughly.

Phalsa Drink

The long filling brunch ended with Phalsa Drink; Phalsa is a fruit produced by the Grewia asiatica tree and looks similar to black currents, The Phalsa juice was topped with spirit, which was a little sour and citric. The reason for ending the meal with phalse is that is provides the much-needed cooling effect.

So when you’re craving for some Bohra cuisine, just pick a minimum of your 8 friends or family members and ring Soul Food Kkitchen. They usually organize the pop up on Weekends at a reasonable flat rate of 1200 per person.

For more details or booking:
Soul Food kkitchen
Address: Lok Raunak B-1,
flat # 606, 6th floor. Off.
Marol Maroshi Andheri East
Mumbai 400059.

Land Mark : Near Uttam Dhaaba,
Nearest Stn of Metro is Marol Naka.
Google search: Lok Raunak phase 1.

Contact: 9821704796 /9967309951

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