Dhaba and Drinks in Dadar

Dhaba and Drinks in Dadar is best enjoyed in a group, make the most of the spacious, delightful Dhaba with your gang to enjoy every bit of it.

Vegetarian Clubbing Place in Malad

Vegetarian Clubbing Place in Malad is all about excitement, joy and overwhelming food and drinks, feel the varied emotions of being in a real Casino.

Sheesha Lounge in Malad

Sheesha Lounge in Malad has a more relaxing outing, coupled with Sheesha and drinks. Go when you have ample time. Know all about the lounge here.

Best Dancing Place in Juhu

Best Dancing Place in Juhu. This is a perfect place to dance, smoke, chill and repeat! Know all about what to expect and where it is here.

The Rooftop Lounge – Mojo’s Bistro

Rooftop Lounge Mojo’s Bistro in Kamala Mills, an open-air sky bar has a romantic ambiance best to chill out under the moon. Know all about this lounge.